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Ulvdalir & Lamia Vox & Lindisfarne - Metal Wolves Of Death

Banda(s) / Band(s): Ulvdalir & Lamia Vox & Lindisfarne
Álbum / Album: Metal Wolves of Death 
Ano / Year: 2011
Tipo / Type: Split
Rótulo / Label: Assault Records
Gênero(s) / Genre(s): Black Metal
Tema(s) lírico / Lyrical theme(s): Hatred, Anti-christianity / Death worship, Nihilism, Philosophy
País / Country: Russia

1. Wings of Hell
2. In My Dead And Empty Eyes
3. Legalize Murder (G.G. Allin Cover)
4. An Art To Be Above All
Lamia Vox:
5. Interlude: Whispers Of The Scroched Earth
6. To Desecrate The Name Of God
7. Abyss Of Satanic Blasphemy
8. Ad Nauseam
9. Highest Power (G.G. Allin Cover)
Total playing time: 44:57


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