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Macabre Omen & Thesyre - Three Years Standing Proud in Valhalla...

Banda(s) / Band(s): Macabre Omen & Thesyre
Álbum / Album: Three Years Standing Proud in Valhalla...
Ano / Year: 2007
Tipo / Type: Split
Rótulo / Label: Necroterror Records
Gênero(s) / Genre(s): Epic/Pagan Black Metal
Tema(s) lírico / Lyrical theme(s): War, Death, Hellenic Pride, Rhodian antiquity and lore
País / Country: Greece / Canada

Macabre Omen
1. To Enter Your Mountain (Bathory cover)
2. Home of Once Brave (Bathory cover)
Total playing time: 13:57

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