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Profanum - Profanum Aeternum - Eminence of Satanic Imperial Art

Banda(s) / Band(s): Profanum
Álbum / Album: Profanum Aeternum - Eminence of Satanic Imperial Art 
Ano / Year: 1997
Tipo / Type: Full-length
Rótulo / Label: Pagan Records
Gênero(s) / Genre(s): Dark Ambient/Classical/Black Metal
Tema(s) lírico / Lyrical theme(s): Satanism, Misanthropy, Philosophy, Literature
País / Country: Poland

1. The Descent Into Medieval Darkness
2. Conquering The Highest Of The Thrones In Universe 
3. The Serpent Crown 
4. Raven Singing Over My Closed Eyes
5. Journey Into The Nothingness 
Total playing time: 33:46

mp3@CBR320kbps + Covers

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