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Fog - Through the Eyes of Night... Winged They Come

Banda(s) / Band(s): Fog
Álbum / Album: Through the Eyes of Night... Winged They Come
Ano / Year: 2001
Tipo / Type: Full-length
Rótulo / Label: Dark Horizon Records
Gênero(s) / Genre(s): Black Metal
Tema(s) lírico / Lyrical theme(s): Satanism, Medieval Mythology, Chaos, Occult Themes
País / Country: United States

1. Intro
2. In magnificent glory
3. By this axe we rule
4. The leech within
5. Whispered myths (Of ancient times)
6. Through the eyes of night... winged they come
7. In the sorrow of a crimson sea
8. The storm unholy
Total playing time: 59:19

Download * cloud.mail.ru
mp3@CBR320kbps + Covers 

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