terça-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2016

Sjodogg - Som En Øks I Hodet

Banda(s) / Band(s): Sjodogg
Álbum / Album: Som En Øks I Hodet
Ano / Year: 2015
Tipo / Type: Full-length
Rótulo / Label: Red Stream, Inc.
Gênero(s) / Genre(s): Progressive Black Metal
Tema(s) lírico / Lyrical theme(s): N/A
País / Country: Norway

1. Deformed And Bloated
2. To Nothing You Shall Become
3. Between The Abyss And Beyond
4. Both Feet In the GRave
5. The Beat Of Your Demise
6. As The Rope Ate Its Way Through The Flesh
7. Crushed Spat out, And Forgotten
8. He DRagged His Shadow Across The Land
Total playing time: 35:18

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